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The FX9 uses a 6K sensor and down-samples for fantastic UHD quality video capture. The new large format CMOS sensor has a dual native ISO of 800 / 4000, 15+ stops of dynamic range and improved colour fidelity for beautiful cinematic image quality.

It is a great documentary camera for use on the shoulder as well as being at home in a studio setting. 

My Samyang primes provide a great cinematic look to all of my work. Minus the 14mm (T/3.1) they are all super fast with apertures of T/1.5. This makes them great lenses for a variety of shooting situations. 


I have 2 Canon zooms. A 24-70 T/2.8 and a 70-200 T/2.8.


These lenses are fantastic for shooting observational documentary, where changing lenses isn't always possible.


As well as my camera and lenses I also have a wide range of lighting and grip to suit every situation.

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